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Kaizeea Artz

I am Melanie AKA Kaizeea, an upcoming Artist based in Mauritius. I was doing Art during my college years a long time ago now, and completely change direction when it came to working life. Years apart when I was transitioning to  I came across an Art group that got my attention. There were lots of awesome Artworks and digital painting was what really inspired me to step back to create.

Being a Black woman who was learning about Black Pride, and self-esteem I started to draw characters that represent me. And I liked it more and more. Since then I still love drawing Black characters, real human portrait etc, and every time with a personal touch.
My Artworks got a part of my soul and how I see the world. From spirituality to melanin, the world in my head is vast. And every day is something new to put on the canvas.
"My Aim is to remind my people that we got the Blessings from our Ancestors.
And no matter how much time were are trying to be put down, we will step up back stronger and fierce"
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