Lebron James: Major Ways the King Give Back to the Black Community

As the NBA Playoff finish and the confetti starts to settle, LeBron James has amazed us with dazzling plays, he has unfortunately fallen short of another NBA championship to the Golden State Warriors. Now ending the 15th season of his NBA career he is considered one of the greatest of all-time and continues to break records and strive to carry his teams to 8 consecutive finals appearances. While LeBron’s’ on-court accolades are highly recognized, his off the court contributions are not so much. We do know that he is continuously giving back to the city of Cleveland, Ohio, but just how much does he do for the black boys and girls in different communities in the country and primarily his hometown Akron?

In 2010, during one of the most pivotal times in his career, Lebron James hosted a one-hour special of his free agency dilemma called “The Decision” promoted by ESPN. During this decision, much to the dismay of Cleveland Cavaliers fans, the King decided to take his talents to the Miami Heat. While 10 million eyes on the screen, waiting for James to let the world know where he was going to be playing the profits from the TV special all went to charity. Over $3 million went to supporting Boys and Girls Clubs all over the country, as well as other charities that support children.

On his way to becoming a black sports billionaire, Lebron James has become one of the most influential African-American athletes in the united states. One of the key ways that the NBA superstar is able to give back to his community is through sponsorships. In 2015, James spent over 41 million dollars in scholarships in order to send over 1000 kids who normally wouldn’t to college. LeBron James had collaborated with the University of Akron to provide 4-year scholarships for students in LeBron’s “I Promise” program. The superstar from Akron thinks of himself as just a normal person from Akron who wants to give back to kids that come from the same place that he did.

Whether you think he is the greatest of all time or not, even after a finals loss LeBron, the King will also be one of the greatest givers in NBA history and will continue to for the rest of his career. LeBron, that kid from Akron, sees a little bit of himself in the next generation especially coming from the same place that he did.